Vine Graft builds wine experiences rooted in the telling of different stories about local, urban wines, producers or regions. These stories promise to connect, challenge, and engage customers on a personal level, helping them to form natural bonds with the wines they are exploring.

There are many small-production Californian winemakers out there whose voices as winemakers or the stories behind their wines simply don’t get enough attention. Of course, there is so much wine being produced in California that this is a natural challenge. At Vine Graft, we’re driven to explore producers who make wine that is local to a particular wine region in California, including (and with a special focus on) the San Francisco Bay Area. We are especially drawn to focus on urban produced wines or wine sold in an urban collectives.

With every producer we uncover that has every bit incredible wine as they do a unique story, we attempt to care for, and hone in on, core values that define the label and the folks who embody that label. It is our goal to share these values with customers while incorporating their own stories to create unforgettable wine experiences.

By focusing on the stories behind the wines and showing how they are applicable to consumers’ own lives, we believe that this helps them to speak more confidently and honestly about the wine as it relates to them. This engages folks on a far more personable level.

Storytelling is a powerfully connective tool that bridges gaps in society and fosters community. We hope to be story stewards for a long time.