Although winemaker Nori Nakamura does not own any of the vineyards he works with, he has, in a sense, inherited grapes from having worked at wineries he loves, making for a kind of Old World vineyard inheritance. That said, Nori does not jump around from vineyard to vineyard; he works consistently with the same vineyards to bring about the styles he desires.

Nori reflects upon his culture to understand his own wine style. His focus on incorporating two types of traditional sake winemaking to explore New World Pinot and Chardonnay is fascinating – Jummai (“joo-my”) and Ginjo (“jen-joe”). Jummai tends to produces rounder, richer, and slightly off-dry sake while Ginjo produces fruitier, crisper, and more flavorful sake.

Nori is completely in the moment and his wines celebrate that, too. In fact, they are so harmonious, they seem to be possible with any food pairing, which is the main goal of Nori’s winemaking, with a particular focus on Japanese cuisine.